Triumph Led Light Pad A4 White Super Slim

Vinyl Craft Supplies Pty Ltd

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This Triumph LED Super Slim Light Pad is perfect for weeding vinyl, tracing, drawing and other craft or school work activities.
You can work in portrait or landscape position depending on your preference plus the adjustable the brightness level will help you achieve the right illumination for your needs.

  • The light pad is ideal for tracing and technical drawing activities.
  • It features metric markings to help you accurately align your work.
  • You can adjust the illumination level between the 3 steps to achieve the right brightness while you're working.
  • This light pad is A4 sized so it's great for larger artwork.
  • The illuminated working area measures 235 H x 307 W mm.
  • The super slim design makes it easy to fit this pad in your workspace.

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