Inkjet Printable Light A4 Heat Transfer Paper (HTP)

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Inkjet Printable Light A4 Heat Transfer Paper (HTP)

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Inkjet Printable Light A4 Heat Transfer Paper (HTP)
A white transfer paper for printing on aqueous inkjet printers, used to create unique designs for a matt finish fabric transfer. Easy to use for transferring photorealistic images or other graphics to dark-coloured fabrics, reproducing vibrant colours. Transferred images leave the fabric feeling soft to touch, as well as being optimised for several washes.
Transfer your favourite designs, photos or logos - lets get started:
All fabrics must contain a minimum of 50% cotton 
Wash fabric before transferring 
Avoid fingerprints both before and after printing 
Curled or damaged sheets should not be used
Heat press temperature 180°C
Image preparation
Dark fabrics - Trim the image down, rounding of all edges - leaving a 3-4 mm white edge all the way around.
Peel the film from the release liner and place image facing up on the fabric.
Light / white fabrics - Trim the image down, rounding of all edges - leaving a 3-4 mm edge all the way around. Position image facing down on the fabric.
Heat press 15-20 secs
Removing the tissue paper Leave fabric to cool completely before removing the tissue paper.
Washing & Drying 
Wait at least 24 hrs after transfer printing before washing 
Wash inside-out 
Machine settings: Max. 30°C / 1000 rotations/min 
Do not use softener or bleach detergents
Take straight out of the machine when the cycle is finished 
Drying: Tumble drier with cool settings
Iroining Maintain excellent colours by ironing after every wash - always with baking paper.
Never iron the unprotected transfer. Do not use steam!
Inkjet Printable Tissue Paper A4  - For Use with Inkjet Printable Light/Dark HTP
A4 Sheets Pack 10

Inkjet Printable Tissue paper a protective sheet during application of Inkjet Printable Heat Transfer Paper (HTP) for both Light and Dark materials.
Also used to remove the sheen from the paper to give a soft, screen printed feel to the transfer.

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