Siser PSV Glow in the Dark

Siser EasyPSV Glow is a permanent self adhesive vinyl. Turn nighttime into fun-time! 
The White (with a hint of green) vinyl charges with light to transform any design into a green glow in the dark.
Just remember if you are wanting to make a solar night scene on the roof or walls make sure you layer the EasyPSV Glow onto PSV Removable first, or your design will be permanent!
Sheet Size is different to normal these are 30 x 34 cm sheets


Blade: Standard 
Setting: Vinyl

Silhouette Cameo:

Blade: Standard, 3
Material: Vinyl, Glossy
Speed: 5
Force: 12

Scan N Cut:

Blade: Standard, 3 
Cut Speed: 1 
Cut Pressure: 5